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On March 16, 2020, when the Duterte government declared an ECQ and a State of
Public Health Emergency caused by COVID-19, the owners of computer shops were
forced to close, until later nationwide, due to restrictions on social distancing and health protocols.

Because most people have to stay in their own homes, the internet has become a great necessity in homes. As a result, micro ISPs and computer shop owners have been forced to install and provide internet services connections to requesting households with minimal charge, until it has become their new livelihood. From being internet shop operators, they have converted to being internet service providers. Sometime later, their internet services became even more in-demand when the Department of Education declared Distant Learning in public and private schools. The need for the internet by millions of students has grown exponentially.

As a result, micro internet service providers have sprung up in communities. On the other hand, the NTC and the big TELCOs have been strict. This has caused
apprehension and fear among micro ISPs. Because there are reports that some of their colleagues have been charged and arrested due to the lack of legality in their new business. Thus, there were series of discussions among the micro ISPs to address and discuss the issue of legalization of their respective businesses. This resonated across the country, until the idea was formed that a micro ISP association is needed to be formed that would help them and unite them for their common good and welfare.

This signaled the establishment of IPAP and its registration with the SEC in December


Bridging the connectivity gap and empowering communities to benefit the full potential of the internet to drive sustainable development and prosperity for all.


Envisions a Philippine Society where the internet is a fundamental driver of social and economic progress, enabling people to access education, healthcare, entertainment,and business opportunities on a global scale.


Aims to foster a collaborative network of ISPs to develop and share best practices, technologies, and policies that promote affordable and reliable connectivity, enhance digital literacy and security, and drive innovation in the digital economy.
Creates a highly connected nation where every individual and business has access to high-quality broadband internet services, regardless of their geographical location or economic status.


  • Helps and guides the members for the legalization process of their business.
  • Serves as a channel for cooperation, network of help and sharing of experiences of members to further develop their network.
  • Serves as astandard setter for efficient and high-quality internet and IT services to the public.


IPAP believes that it is the role and responsibility of the state to build and promote the national internet industry and develop the information and communications technology (ICT), anchored in the great aspiration of the Filipino people for National Industrialization: 

Filipino Industry
Produced by Filipinos
Truly serving the interests of the Filipino masses

 IPAP STANDS that the internet and ICT as an essential need of the people, should be provided by the state as a service that is fast, affordable, accessible, reliable and developed. Its realization is based on the active participation and patronage of the broad masses of the people;

IPAP IS AWARE that the problems faced by small ISPs and IT providers are not separate but are closely linked and rooted in the overall economic, political and cultural problems facing Filipino society;

 IPAP maintains that the right of all Filipinos in internet access or freedom to connect shall at all times be upheld;

 That all people must be able to access the internet in order to exercise and enjoy their rights to freedom of expression and opinion and other fundamental human rights;

 That states have a responsibility to ensure that internet access is broadly available, and states should not restrict an individual’s access to the internet.




The level of dedication, loyalty, and responsibility that members demonstrate towards the goals, values, and activities of the association, including community involvement.


Recognizing, valuing, and honoring the rights, opinions, and contributions of all members and stakeholders. It involves treating individuals with fairness, dignity, and courtesy, regardless of their role, status, or background; creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels heard, appreciated, and accepted. It involves actively listening to others, considering their perspectives, and promoting open and constructive communication.


The act of enabling and equipping individuals or groups with the ability and confidence to take control of their own actions and make decisions that affect their association and its goals. It involves providing support, resources, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Empowerment aims to remove barriers and promote an inclusive environment where members feel valued and encouraged to actively participate and contribute their ideas and skills. Ultimately, empowerment is about giving individuals the means to shape their association’s direction and drive positive change.


A sense of responsibility and the obligation to answer for one’s actions and decisions. It involves being transparent about one’s behavior, taking ownership of mistakes, and ensuring that tasks and obligations are fulfilled.


The practice of being open, honest, and easily understandable in one’s actions and communication. It involves sharing information, decision-making processes, and financial matters with members and stakeholders of the association.


The quality of being honest, trustworthy, and having strong moral principles. It involves consistently adhering to ethical standards and behaving in a way that demonstrates reliability, fairness, and transparency. Integrity is important in fostering a sense of trust and credibility among members, promoting ethical practices, and maintaining the overall integrity of the organization.


Capable of anticipating future trends and possibilities. Possess creativity, innovation, and the ability to conceptualize and articulate ideas that are not yet evident or fully developed; often inspire and motivate others to strive for a future that goes beyond current limitations and traditional thinking.


Promoting Fairness, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination within the association.




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